Learn how to juggle at the Tulipfestival in Creil

On Thursday 28 April, Dutch juggling champion Huub Cooijmans will give a workshop juggling at the Tulipfestival in Creil. The workshop will take place near the tulpenbelevingsveld at Creilerpad 14 in Creil and start around 13.00. The workshop will take approximately 1.5 hours and includes a performance of Huub Cooijmans himself.

This is only a small taste of what will come at the EJC this summer in Almere! The EJC is multi-day festival to juggle together, exchange new trics, and have fun. Thousands of circus lovers from all over the world will travel to Almere for this festival. The EJC will take place from 30 July till 7 August.