Denis Paumier with Writing Juggling

At EJC Denis Paumier will give his masterclass “Writing Juggling” at EJC. He will approach juggling through its mathematical notation: Siteswap. By shuttling back and forth between theory and practise, allying movement and rhythm, body and props, the participants will develop a learning and composition method for solo and group juggling.

The workshop consists of several classes, given on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of August. The masterclass will be 3 hours per day, from 9.30 until 12.30. There is a maximum of 15 participants. Participation costs €30,- p.p. Pre-requisite: have a regular juggling practise. The workshop focuses on juggling with balls but other props are welcome too. To sign up for this masterclass email to events[at]

About Denis Paumier; he is a juggler, director, and teacher. He is the CEO of Les Objets Volants and since his first show in 1999 he has experimented with multiple approaches to juggling as well as object manipulation. His latest show, “Liaison Carbone”, created with his former students from Academie Fratellini, is currently touring in France and abroad.