Dutch Acro days at the EJC in Almere

Did you know…

…that at the European Juggling Convention there will be an extensive partner-acrobatics program at the EJC Acro & aerial space?

Nationale Akrobatiek FederatieThese “Dutch Acro Days” are organised by the EJC in cooperation with the NAF, the Dutch National Acrobatics Federation. From Monday 1 till Wednesday 3rd of August there will be almost 30 acrobatics workshops, on all levels, taught by a selection (see below!) of the very best Dutch-acro teachers the Netherlands has to offer!

When the three day workshop program is over, there will be a teacher at the acro & aerialspace, ready to answer all your acro questions, to guide you and inspire you while training the rest of the days at EJC!

So come and join us Gezellig at the Dutch Acro days!

Acro workshop schedule

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Monday 9:45 – 11:15 Anja Marco & Jorga Paul & Lotte
1 August 11:30 – 13:00 Paul & Lotte Anja & Johannes Marco & Jorga
14:30 – 16:00 Anja Paul & Lotte Marco & Jorga
Tuesday 9:45 – 11:15 Paul & Marco Angela & Marjolein Johannes & Anja
 2 August 11:30 – 13:00 Marco & Jorga Paul Angela & Marjolein
14:30 – 16:00 Angela & Marjolein Jorga & Marco Paul
Wednesday 9:45 – 11:15 Linda & Sjef Jim Frank
 3 August 11:30 – 13:00 Noël & Helene Frank Jim
14:30 – 16:00 Frank Jim Noël & Helene


For the remainder of the EJC, the Dutch acro open floor teachers will be:


The workshop  are free for participants of the EJC. There is no signup, and when a workshop is full, or when a teacher thnks your skill level is not sufficient for the workshop at hand, he or she can ask you to leave the workshop.

For more information about tickets to the EJC, check tickets.

Participation in the workshops is on your own risk.

Our teachers:



Jim Klinkhamer has been teaching acrobatics for 25 years with Stichting Stapel in Amsterdam and during numerous conventions in the Netherlands and overseas.
Jim’s specialization are basic techniques on low, medium and intermediate level and high lifts are his forte.

Marjolein & Angela


Angela Dirven practises acrobatics since 1995.  She had classes in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Utrecht and Amsterdam (with the famous Osmani sisters). Together with John Kessles she started performing in 2001 with “Oddlings”. Since 2010 she also performs with Marolein Wagter as Duo Marange. Angela will perform at the EJC.

Since 2007 Angela teaches in Utrecht with Hans van de Vlis beginner and advanced level. Before that she taught workshops and short acrobatics courses.  Since 2012 she is teaching for Stichting Stapel in Amsterdam; together with Det Rijven she is the main teacher for advanced and far-advanced groups. Her speciality are handstands, 1-armers, twists and flows.


Marjolein Wagter already teaches for 17 year in Groningen and in Amsterdam. She is a allround circus teacher with specialties in floor acrobatics, both dynamic and balance. She has a teachers degree for Acrobatics.
Marjolein is performing as an artist with duo marange and Compagnie with Balls both in the Netherlands as abroad.




Noël Spauwen has been teaching acrobatics since 1987, for different levels and in various settings worldwide. Noël a social-psychologist, who has “fathered” acro elements that have spread in the world, started his acrobatic career in the ‘school’ of the “Como Brothers”, the founding fathers of Dutch acrobatics. He has performed in duos, trios and groups in the streets and on festivals in Europe.




Helene Stafleu – Has a background in theatre and dance and started doing acrobatics in 2007. She was/is training in the groups of Paul Griffioen, Fons Bennink and Noël Spauwen. In 2012 she produced and published Noël’s book on acrobatics. From time to time she is assisting him in acrobatic workshops in The Netherlands and abroad.



Lotte Talsma performed at the recent open stage of the Dutch acrobatics convention in Krimpen with the performance “Hoofd”. Besides teaching partner acrobatics in workshops, she’s currently a circus trainer at Circus Rotjeknor. In this youth circus in Rotterdam she herself started her circus career at the age of 8, and from 13 has assisted with the younger groups. Lotte has received her acrobatics training from many different leading Dutch acrobats (e.g. Jim, Det en Paul) and in her workshops tries to let you safely experience the joy of doing partner acrobatics.



Frank Uiterwaal is an Acrobat for more than 30 years. He is also a ringmaster, fakir and musician in the Circus Caprioli. He is an acrobat (base) in the tradition of the famous Como Brothers. Speciality: Hand to hand and banquin.

He is also a teacher in creative theories and techniques and music at the HAN university of applied science in Nijmegen.

He speak Dutch, English, German and French.






Paul Griffioen already teaches acrobatics for 22 years, usually in Rotterdam. As an acrobat he is both base as flyer. His specialties are handstands (on one arm), icarian acrobatics and tempo’s. He is teaching often to adults, but he also gives classes in primary schools, combined with juggling, diabolo, walking globes, balancing and Chinese plates. As a teacher he is able to inspire people and help them to transgress their personal boundaries in a safe manner. Paul has a teachers degree.





Since Jorga Lok was seven years old, she wanted to become an acrobat. For a long time, Jorga did gymnastics, because it was the closest to circus. She started teaching small children when she was 11. At the age of 14, Jorga joined the youth circus Circus Rotjeknor and started teaching circus. At the age of 18, Jorga moved to Stockholm in Sweden for the professional circus school DOCH. She kept on teaching circus and acrobatics. Now her main focus is performing with her company Fabuloka (www.fabuloka.com), but she still teaches on the side.



Marco van Zanten

Marco graduated the pedagogical circusschool of Brussels in 1999. Since then he is a full time and all round circus teacher and performing acrobat with specialisations in partner-acrobatics and unicycling.

Marco is founder and owner of the acrobatic companies Dutch Acrobats, Circus Klomp and Cycling Circus.


Anja & Johannes


Anja van Wijngaarden and Johannes Fischer have more than twenty years of experience ni teaching. They give workshops in companies, centres for artistic education, festivals, on circus schools and with youth Circus Circaso in The Hague.

Duo Gi-JO is a multi-focus acrobatic duo. Their broad experience, professional approach, creative brains and fun in the artistic metier makes them much appreciated artists on street festivals and elsewhere.


Linda and Sjef

Sjef en Linda

Sjef Baas started his acrobatic career at Circus Miloco. Now he works there as an acrobatic teacher. Sjef has participated (and participates still) in many classes and workshops of Dutch Acrobatic teachers. He has been teaching workshops at the Dutch Acrobatic Convention and at the Circus camp of Capriool.

Linda Kaats discovered acrobatics no sooner than 2013. With Sjef as advanced acrobatic partner she took classes with Hans and Angela. During this time she experienced a tremendous growth in skill. By giving beginner workshops, Linda hopes more people will become enthusiastic about acrobatics.

More information

If you need to some more information you can check out the EJC Acrobatics and Aerial-space on Facebook, or send an e-mail to the EJC organisation.