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Did you know…

…… that Vértigo Danza Aérea will be teaching Aerial at EJC? Vértigo is an Aerial Dance company from Spain focused on teaching and performing. There will be Trapeze, Lyra, Silks and Straps classes; along with plenty of Free Training time for everyone.



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The aerial workshops  are free for participants of the EJC. There would be a sign up time every morning at the opening of the Aerial Space. You could sign yourself up for that very same day and next two days.

Also there would be at the Aerial Space the requisites for intermediate and advanced workshops.

For more information about tickets to the EJC, check tickets.

Participation in the workshops is on your own risk.


This year we are happy to offer a new OPEN WORKSHOP, a spot where any experienced aerial teacher can propose an aerial workshop in order to share his/her movements. Feel free to contact or let us know on site.

Besides that, if you feel like being involved at the Aerial Space…. you can! You are more than welcome to come and join our Aerial Vértigo Team and help us on organization, at the workshops, youth workshops or free training. Just tell us, and let the aerial fun begin! Go, Go, VértiGo!!

Our teachers:

Sandra Casares

Sandra has received broad training in aerial disciplines for the last eight years  and also she has an extended teaching experience covering a wide range of artistic disciplines. She has shown her art in several collective exhibitions and art festivals.

She defines herself as a multidisciplinary artist in a constantly researching of new tools to understand and develop art. She found in aerial dancing a “home” to express her ideas.

Joo Cheng aka Elena


Elena comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been training aerial arts since 2009 specialising in aerial contortion on the lyra, cube and silks. Her style involves a lot of strength and contortion based techniques and the fluidity of all the moves combined.

She is now lucky enough to follow her passion and teaches and performs full time for various corporate events and some productions since 2012.

Philippa du Frayer aka Pippa


Pippa is a performer and aerial teacher originally from the UK. She worked in UK performing on aerial; trapeze and silk for three years, then she moved to Malaysia, where she joined Viva Vertical aerial team, teaching and performing; where she continued training aerial.

Since her beginnings in UK she has been teaching Aerial Arts to children and adults, nowadays he is living in Hong Kong working for Aerial Arts Academy as a teacher of: dance trapeze, silk, hoop, yoga and fly yoga; she is still perfoming as a freelancer. She has recently taken the challenge of straps, and currently performing and teaching aerial loops and straps.

Sabina Pascual

Sabina is aware that the study of the body and movement is an opportunity of knowledge, expression and creation. She has been performing since 2013 on aerial silks and, lately, on static trapeze since and is member of “Vertigo, Danza Aérea” company since its beginning. Nowadays she is teaching aerial silks, hatha yoga and aerial yoga making of it her full time passion.

Edu Martínez

Edu introduced himself into duo aerial silks 4 years ago, Since then he has been perfoming on duo silks along with “Vértigo. Danza Aérea”. He is eventually teaching duo at Vértigo´s classes, as well as he was teaching last EJC´15 Duo Silk workshops.