Festival campsite

There is a festivalcampsite next to the festival village for tents and one specifically for caravans and camper vans. The cost for sleeping on the festivalcampsite is included in the festivalticket. The soil on the campsite is mostly sand, so don’t forget to bring pegs suitable for sand! There are no trees on the campsite. Please make sure to stay within the indicated area. It is advisable to keep any valuables with you at all times. The cost for the campsite is included in the price of your festivalticket.

Arriving early
The EJC starts on Saturday 30 July at 1pm. You are only allowed on site early if you’re registered as a volunteer for building up the festival. Please note: camping outside of official campsites is forbidden in the Netherlands and you risk being fined if you do so. When you arrive early you can go to campsite Waterhout untill the festivalcamping is open.

Staying longer
Unfortunately staying longer is not possible. The campsite closes on Sunday 7th of August at 13.00. See above for a nice campsite to enjoy Almere and  its surroundings after the EJC ends.

Campsite rules
– No open fire, cooking is only allowed in the cooking places
– Gas cannisters are not allowed near tents
– Paths must be kept free
– Camping is only allowed within the designated areas
– No drug use
– No animals
– No sound installations
– No motorised vehicles (RVs are only allowed in designated areas)
– This campsite is a clean campsite, so please throw your trash in the trashcans
– This campsite is a family campsite, so quiet hours are from 23.00 onwards

RVs must be certified for the use of gas cannisters.
The following is striclty prohibited on the campsite: trailers, generators or aggregates, water pipes (hookahs), dispensing equipment or any other equipment using pressure, toxic, inflammable or explosive materials, laserpens, unmanned aircrafts such as drones, any pointed weapons, sound installations, sale of food or other producs without the organisation’s permission, motorised vehicles, selling of drugs or drug use, animals.
At all times the EJC organistaion reserves the right to remove visitors of the EJC from the festival grounds and/or deny access to the festival grounds if they do not follow the established rules or do not act as instructed.