Almere and surroundings

The city of Almere was founded only 40 years ago and it is well on its way to becoming a big student city and business hub. The city is situated in the Flevopolder, an area of reclaimed land in what used to be the middle of the Zuiderzee bay. Therefore Almere lies 2-5 meters below sea level! The city counts almost 200.000 inhabitants, four districts and one of the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands.

The best way to explore Almere is by bicycle. There are many cycling lanes that are separate from roads with other traffic, which makes it very safe to cycle in Almere. There is an elaborate network of cycling paths, allowing you to easily set your own route. The tourist information point offers a useful booklet with cycling routes as well as a bike rental service. It is also possible to explore Almere and the surrounding nature reserves by sailboat, canoe, motorboat, or by joining a cruise. You’ll be on the vast Markermeer Lake in no time.

The architecture in Almere is remarkable – the city even ranks third on the list of most beautiful Dutch cities for architecture. An example is the Citadel complex in the city centre, which houses shops, residences, roads and a parking garage. A curved lawn separates the various levels. In some neighbourhoods of Almere, residents are allowed to design and build their own houses. From canal houses to pavilions, from shops to bungalows, no house is the same there. For more on architecture, including an architecture walk, have a look on the tourist information website.

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