Open stage
One of the EJC’s most prominent and well-established tradition is creating a unique possibility for everybody to get on stage and show their act or skills to a huge audience. The Open Stage is a place for both the pros, the young hot-spots, and the passionate amateurs. It is here where you can embrace the true EJC Spirit.

Would you like to perform on open stage? Come to the daily meeting at 11am in the Open Stage tent. Rehearsals will be from 11am until 2pm. Your chance to be part of a great show!

Cafe Cabaret
Looking to try out a new act without the stress of the Open Stage or Renegade? Come to the easy atmosphere of Cafe Cabaret!

Almost daily during the European Juggling Convention 2016 we are looking for new people to try their hands at: performing, technical managing, stage managing and hosting. If you want to be involved in the show, show up at 1pm. Just keep in mind that the shows in the first half of the weeks are more relaxed. The opportunities to participate fill up as the week progresses, so come reserve your spot in the first couple days.

If you feel more at home in the audience, then you are welcome to just enjoy a coffee and watch the cafe cabaret. There is a daily show at 14:00.

Youth fire show
For the first time in the history of EJC we’re planning to organize an evening just for YOU (TH FIRE GROUPS). Juggling with fire for people up till 18 years. You don’t need to be perfect! The only thing you have to bring is: fun playing with fire!

So, if you like to participate in this special youth fire show at EJC 2016, write a short email to This youth fire show will be held at the firespace on Thursday evening.