Public program

During EJC you can enjoy many activities in Almere Poort, Almere Strand and Almere Centre, such as the street shows, the circus playground, the firegala, the parade and of course the games! Underneath you’ll find the program, so you don’t have to miss anything! Excepting the galashow, all activities are free!

It will be gezellig, so please come!

Parade – Sunday 31 july – 13.00
We will walk with all the jugglers through the city to show the residents of Almere who their new temporary inhabitants are! Put on your best outfit and make-up. Show the people your craziest tricks to ensure they will never forget the EJC 2016!


Parade – start at Mandelaplein, finish at Esplanade, Almere City Centre

Opening show – Sunday 31 july – 15.30
It’s a tradition to start each EJC with a smashing show in the city centre of the hosting city. A staggering 22 jugglers on stage will welcome you to Almere!

Opening show (UK) – Esplanade, Almere City Centre

Street show Space Flight – Monday 1 August – 14.30
A street show with lots of juggling props, drums, and other crazy things. Space Flight takes place in an imaginary dream world inhabited only by objects. Taking off where the iconic 1884 novel “Flatland” has ended, the show is a rollercoaster ride through three dimensional space and time! The abstract story unfolds as the objects come to life. They live and they die, but they are always surprising. If rainbows had eyes, this would be the show for them!

Space Flight

Jay Gilligan (USA) with Space Flight – Europalaan, Almere Poort

Fire gala – Tuesday 2 August – 23.00
This is a show on fire! Come and see international fire performers showing their best flaming tricks. The fire gala will be situated near Almere Beach, in walking distance of the festival site.


Firegala – Muiderstrandweg, Almere Strand

Street show Kalverliefde – Wednesday 3 August – 13.00 and 15.00
Circus Klomp combines acrobatics with physical humour and ‘the best’ of Dutch folklore. In this streetshow you are introduced to the rural couple Driekus and Bertha. Wearing their traditional Dutch costumes they present a circus show which is inspired by the down home Dutch countryside.

Circus Klomp (NL)- Forum, Almere City Centre

Street show Mannekino – Wednesday 3 August – 14.00 and 16.00
Oddlings will play Mannekino, a comical and surprising tale of a window-dresser and a mannequin in which the acrobatic tricks are interwoven as part of the story; Marvin is working in the shop-window of his retro-clothing store, and is having a lot of trouble with Moon, his new mannequin. A special mannequin, that has more life in it than one might think…


Oddlings (NL) – Stationsplein, Almere Centre

Street show ‘3’ – Thursday 4 August – 13.30
Three men in an empty space. Gathered to create a connection with each other. They are stuck with each other in their search for their own and each other’s physical limits. In different ways they test the boundaries of their friendship. TENT circustheater producties creates circus performances from Dutch soil.

TENT circustheater producties (NL) – Forum, Almere City Centre

Games – Thursday 4 August – 15.00
Imagine the Olympic Games, but then with a crazy juggling-twist! Who is best in balancing a club on his/her nose? Who is the fastest on the unicycle? Everyone can join and with a bit of talent and a lot of luck win a prize. Expect to see some mad skills here!


Due to weather conditions the games will be held at the EJC festival village in the Topsportcentre Almere Poort. Come and join us at the festival village!

Games – Topsportcentrum, Almere Poort.

Street show Parasomnia – Friday 5 August – between 13.00 and 15.00
Parasomnia is a phenomenon that involves abnormal movements, behaviour, emotions, perceptions, and dreams that occur while falling asleep, sleeping, and between sleep stages. We all find ourselves having to face the world as we walk through our daily tasks and environments, what happens when we realise we are actually not awake, what possibilities there are in the world around us? What will happen if we will never awake and stay in these wonderful, amazing world of our Dreams? And what happens if we suddenly wake up and find ourselves in the middle of a busy shopping street?

Adam Read (DEU) – Almere City Centre

Street show Mozart – Friday 5 August – 13.00 and 14.30

Ben Smalls loves music and more specifically Mozart. In his act he leads us through this beautiful music and will make new interpretations of the music.


Ben Smalls (DEU) – Schutterstraat, Almere City Centre

Street show Kermiz – Friday 5 August – 16.30
A guy with a fascination for lawnmowers and heads of lettuce, a temperamental Italian aerialist fighting with a Spanish toreador, a trumpeter on a slack rope, and a German acrobat with a fascination for staplers. These are just some of the eccentric characters from the twelve-man collective Le Cirque du Platzak. Kermiz mixes the atmosphere of the old circus with nouveau cirque, peppered with rousing folk music.

Le Cirque du Platzak (NL) with Kermiz- Stadhuisplein, Almere City Centre

Street show A.M. – Saturday 6 August – 13.00 and 15.00
In the show A.M. CIE0032 moves from circus to touching theatre, with a subtle flair of imagination. A.M. plays in, around, through, and on top of a kitchen. A regular morning about a guy and his goldfish. After his morning coffee nothing goes as planned.

CIE 0032

CIE0032 (BE)- Grote Markt, Almere City Centre

Street show Parasomnia- Saturday 6 August – between 13.00 and 15.00
Stiltwalker Adam Read is back again with Parasomnia. You might run into him in the middle of busy Almere City Centre.

Adam read

Adam Read (DE) – Almere City Centre

EJC GALA Show- Saturday 6 August – 16.00
The best of the best. The crème de la crème of the juggling world. True to the tradition, names at the Gala will be kept secret. This is definitely the show worth seeing! Invite your friends! Galatickets can be bought on site and at the tourist information.


Circus playground – Wednesday 3 till Saturday 6 August – 13 till 16.00
Children from Almere are welcome to come to the circus playground! Have a go at juggling, tight rope walking, and balancing on a walking globe. Two circus teachers will help you with whatever you want try. Come and bring us a visit!

Circusspeelplaats Pavarini

Circus playground (NL) – Grote Markt, Almere City Centre