Help the EJC

The European Juggling Convention 2016 Foundation is organising EJC 2016. The Foundation was set up in 2014. The team is formed of five enthusiastic jugglers who are organising the EJC on a voluntary basis. They are supported by a big group of jugglers, friends, and family who are contributing their knowledge and experience to make it a great event.

The European Juggling Convention is a festival for jugglers, by jugglers. Many participants contribute to the festival. There are lots of ways to help us! You can sell t-shirts, help setting up, work behind the bar, perform at open stage, check show tickets, and clean. Since everyone contributes, we are unable to give away any free tickets. The festival only works because of the help of volunteers. If we didn’t have volunteers, tickets would be three times as expensive!

Let us know how and when you want to help by filling in the volunteering form on: Google Forms EJC Volunteers