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Arriving early
The EJC starts on Saturday 30 July at 1pm. You are only allowed on site early if you’re registered as a volunteer for building up the festival. Please note: wild camping is forbidden in the Netherlands and you risk being fined if you do so. Looking for a place to stay before the EJC? There is a campsite nearby: Campsite Waterhout.

During the EJC 2016 waste is separated for recycling. We will have separate bins for glass, paper and residual waste. Do you want to help us collect garbage during the festival? Great! Please send a message to:

Animals are not allowed anywhere on the festival site. This rule will be applied very strictly! There are several pet boarding places in Almere, such as Dierenpension Almere.

Alcohol & Drugs
All drugs are illegal in the Netherlands, but there is a tolerance policy for soft drugs (cannabis). Watch this video for more information on the Dutch drugs policy:

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are for sale in the ‘gezellige’ EJC bar! It is prohibited for anyone under 18 to buy and consume alcohol.

It is illegal in the Netherlands to drink alcohol, be drunk and smoke cannabis in public (outside of the festival site).

In The Netherlands it is forbidden to smoke in public buildings, such as gyms, café’s, restaurants and toilets. It is also forbidden to smoke in the tents.

Cancelling tickets
It is not possible to cancel your ticket. However, it is possible to transfer your ticket to somebody else by emailing

If you are 15 or younger you can only attend the EJC under supervision of an adult (18+). If this person is not one of your parents, he or she needs permission from your parents or guardian to supervise you.

Are you 16 or 17? You will need permission from your parents or guardian to attend the EJC on your own. A form will be available to download from this page soon. You will not be allowed on the festival site without the signed form!

All participants and visitors enter the festival site at their own risk. The organisation is not responsible for any form of injury or damage as a result of visiting the festival. The organisation is not liable for theft.

Come and make it ‘gezellig’ with us! All participants and visitors are obliged to follow any directions from the organisation or security. If you don’t, you run the risk of being removed from the site. The EJC’s motto is ‘for jugglers, by jugglers’, so please contribute to keeping it a fun festival!

Photography and filming
During the festival photos will be taken and video recordings will be made. By entering the festival site, participants permit the organisation to publish these recordings, and use them for promotional purposes.

If you need to go, use the toilet. It is illegal in the Netherlands to urinate in public.

Flyers / Promotion
Handing out flyers or any other form of promotion is only allowed with permission from the organisation.

Would you like to download the EJC 2016 post or flyer? Click here! Do you want a large amount of flyers to distribute? Email us on

It is not allowed to sell food, drinks or other wares on and around the festival site without permission from the organisation.